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What we do

  • The Arts

  • Ministry

  • Skills

The Arts : Dance(Flags, Cloth, Ribbons, Hip Hop, Tap Dancing, Tambourines, Percussion,Gymnastics, e.t.c), Drama(Acting, Puppets, Clowning, Mime, Stage Make Up, e.t.c), music(Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Drums, Sound, e.t.c) and fine arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpturing, Ceramics, Mosaics, e.t.c).

Ministry : Church planting & missions(Team Dynamics, Outreach, e.t.c), worship(Praise & Worship, Music Theory, e.t.c), Word(God`s Persective, God`s Word, Biblical Context, e.t.c) and the prophetic(Spiritual Gifts, Prophetic Education, Exra Oil, e.t.c).

Skills : Multimemedia (Computer Literacy, Photography, Editing, Graphic Design, Radio Presenting, Photoshop,Film Production, Camerawork, Web Design, e.t.c.) and hand skills(Welding, Capentry, Auto Mechanics, Building, House Maintenance, Microbotic, Makeup, Vegitable Gardening, e.t.c).

Who we are

Creare Training Centre is a theocentric Arts, Skills and Ministry training institute based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It was established in 1994 and continues to train and reach not only South Africa but also other countries far and wide

Get in touch

7 Gerhard Beukes Street, Universitas, Bloemfontein, South Africa
P: +2751 522 4636 ยท admin@crearedream.com